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Last updated: March 23, 2015

A Creator Gave the Moon a Strange Rotation on its Axis Which is Equal to its Orbit Around the Earth
  Posted: 16 February 2015
Video of Moon's Rotation
Why Earth only ever sees 1 side of the Moon.

Dedicated to Curtis who taught me about the Moon's rotation & orbit

Proof of a Creator is evident in the way the Earth's natural satellite, the Moon orbits the Earth.  It is the only known Moon that makes one rotation on its axis in the exact same length of time that it makes one orbit around the Earth.  This indicates a strong relationship between the Earth and the Moon, so uncanny as to be impossible - unless it were tuned that way by a Creator. There are plenty of scientists who will offer an anti-Creator type of explanation for this strange relationship between the Earth and the Moon, but they are simply attempting to conceal the evidence pointing to God.

It is known that the Moon rotates around the Earth every 27.32 days and that it takes the exact same length of time to rotate once on its axis. This means that the Moon rotates on its axis a lot slower than the Earth rotates on its axis. Atheists believe this is because gravity locks the Earth and the Moon together, believers in God believe it is this way for us to realize the impossibility of this being caused randomly by nature.  The Moon is not some random piece of celestial debris that happened to get locked in by gravity as some seem to believe, it’s a time keeping satellite around the Earth, it’s regularity being a sign from God of a divine perfection which is an indicator that God is the creator of the universe since he put bodies in motion perfectly which help us grasp time. Without the Moon man would not have a satellite to help him figure out that Earth is not flat, only fixed stars, the Sun, and night and day.  The moon provided an object for the Sun’s light to be cast upon most visible at night on Earth, that helped man to come to the realization that he was moving around the Sun. 

The Earth's Moon was provided by the creator of the local universe to be a teaching tool for Earth's inhabitants since literally the beginning of time, and as a guide for man in understanding the shape and spin of the world upon which he was born. Without the Moon, man would be missing a significant piece of evidence contradicting the belief that the Earth is flat. The appearance of the Moons rising and setting, is really an effect of the Earth’s fast rotation on its axis. The Earth has a slow revolution around the Sun, 365 days, and a fast rotation on its axis: 24 hours. If the Earth moved like the Moon, it would have a rotation on its axis of 365 days to match its revolution around the object which it orbits – the Sun- meaning 1 side of the Earth would always be in the sunlight of day and the other side in the darkness of night. It does not take a professional astronomer to realize that it is highly strange and supernatural that the Moon has an identical orbit and rotation. However professionals would usually be the first to deny how divine it seems in favor of an interpretation denying a Creator as they choose to think a Creator contradicts scientific thought.

“The sidereal month is the time it takes to make one complete orbit of the Earth with respect to the fixed stars, it is about 27.32 days.”

- Wikipedia/ Orbit-of-the-Moon


“As the Moon travels around the Earth in a counter clockwise motion every 27.5 days, it also completes one full rotation of its axis also in a counterclockwise motion. 



The Moon is a distance of about 385,000 km away from the center of the Earth.  (About 239,000 miles).

- Wikipedia/ Orbit-of-the-Moon

The Moon is there to show us that it was tuned like a supernatural clock by the creator of the local universe.  It has never skipped a beat or come out of synchronicity with the Earth, they operate together to give man a supernatural perspective on figuring out the physical nature of the universe and the creator of the universe.


by Andrea Boggs

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