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China's Moon lander and rover - Isis and Jade Rabbit
Chinese mothership

Jade Rabbit (Yutu Rover) on the Moon. Photo taken by the lander Chang'e 3.

Posted: June 17th, 2014

Isis, also known as "Chang'e 3" (the Chinese Moon lander), soft landed on a region of the moon called the Bay of Rainbows on December 14, 2013.  Isis was the name given by the Chinese Space Agency for their Lander after the Moon Goddess in Chinese mythology who is known for having a pet rabbit. Since that time, the Moon Rover - "Jade Rabbit" - or "Yutu" in Chinese - was robotically released from Isis.  According to former NASA employee and science advisor Richard Hoagland when he was on Coast to Coast AM, the Chinese scientists will be using the cameras on the Chang'e 3 and Yutu rover to do parallax measurements of distances between anomalous landmarks or structures on the Moon. 

According to news reports the Lander and Rover are not functioning as planned however given the nature of the mission it is likely that whatever they find will be classified, despite the public's interest in their findings.