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Last update: May 30, 2015
Sigma (Summation) Notation Properties & Rules
  Posted: April 29th, 2015




Sigma, the Greek symbol used in summation notation in advanced algebra.

Below are summation properties and rules which must be used to find the sum of a sequence.


Summation Property 1

Summation property 1

n is the natural number in the sequence.

c is a constant, in the case that the function is a constant number.

"i" is called the index of summation, it is not to be confused with the imaginary unit "i."


Summation Property 2



Summation Property 3

Summation property 3


Summation Property 4

Summation property 4


Summation Rule 1

summation rule 1


Summation Rule 2

summation rule 2

Summation Rule 3

summation rule 3


Horsnby, Lial, Rockwold (2011) A Graphical Approach to College Algebra. 5th ed. Addison Wesley.

  1. “A sequence is a function that computes an ordered list.” (p.528)
  2. “The symbol ..., the Greek capital letter sigma, is used to indicate a sum.” (p.531)
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