Gulf of Mexico and southern coast of the United States.

the dead zone

Written by M.G.R.

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Welcome to the Dead Zone, come on in

There is no life here, you'll fit right in

I cannot quench your thirst because you always come first

You are 2/3 water and so is this planet, but we couldn't be further apart in our

values because unlike I used to be, you aren't transparent

I wash you and give you life

You pollute me and cause me strife

I can no longer wash away your sins because you filled me with yours

When we were both born we used to be so pure

Our future destiny so unsure

I thought we were kindred

But you just kill shit

You have forsaken Mother Earth since her birth all at the behest of net worth

Filtered the life out of me now I'm hypoxic

Negative nitrogen because you are so toxic

Deep state, we're in bad shape, Atlantis has no tears to cry while you look for an alibi

You create this abyss, don't grin

What the hell are you going to tell your grandchildren?

The sunsets on my horizon become more and more grim

My existence hangs on a whim

Thanks for nothing, humans