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Last updated: April 20, 2015

Why All Students Should Try to Study Math
Posted: 30 June 2014


Graphing calculator


For problem solving: A graphing calculator is a great tool for every student to own and use. Casio recommended.

As a former "English major," I am aware there are noticeable differences in personality between those who study math and science and those who study "non-STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects.  While there is essential value and purpose in liberal arts and business, there should be an integration or migration towards STEM by everyone for the following reasons that have to do with gaining more social equality and justice through invention of liberating technology for clean energy and so future generations will not have ignorance about science, fact, and truth enforced upon them.

The problem begins when students who, in high school or earlier, feel intimidated by the competitiveness of the chemistry, physics and or biology laboratories and they innocently switch over to studying easier subjects, not realizing that they have fallen into a trap, intended to maintain a wall between math and the public, allowing for a continuance of exploitation in which knowledge and power of highest value are concentrated within a small group rather than widely dispersed.

This inability to get comfortable, with math, the language of all science by the public is not a natural occurrence it is an artificial one which is accepted as normal but very much a self-imposed limitation especially today when the math books have actually become modern and interesting forms of literature to study. The teaching of math is very compressed, approximately 500 years of learning with numbers into 40 hours of class lecture, and lacking time for verbal dialogue at length linking and making the concepts understandable. A student should not have to reach the level of calculus before they can begin to understand what math is used for which is essentially everything from business models to graphing any kind of data but especially it can be used to design electrical devices.

Students need to spend time studying more math, than even their college professors expect from them. If they wish to truly be competitive in the future they must study trigonometry, algebra and calculus until it is like a second nature and can be used on the fly to solve problems that are created by the student not just solved by them.  

There is another critical element missing: students should be makers of applications for mathematics.  They make applications with computer codes, but what about making applications with math? This aspect of human mathematical development is hardly if ever developed in college math classes and there is no time for it in a regular math class . The overall practice of the math is limited to perfect replications of problems from a book. While this knowledge is invaluable and is the only way to learn proper math technique, it does not foster a way of thinking in the student that allows for the type of creativity that great scientists such as Johannes Kepler or Nikola Tesla are made of.

If there was more of a communicative beginning in the teaching of math, in which the use of math applications are widely discussed to inspire students, then many more diverse types of individuals, and not just those who are assumed to naturally follow the pathway to success, will be inspired by the language of science, and use science and math as a tool for social justice, rather than how it has been used in every industry, as more often than not a tool of social oppression. Because technology is a double edged sword it matters where scientists stand on moral and ethical issues and it will be good to have a new breed of scientist in the mix for progress.  

Why is Studying Literature Beneficial?

Studying literature generally includes reading literature, writing about it and even discussing it. Why this is considered beneficial and loved so devotedly by the people who do it? Reading is a mental exercise that makes a person's mind more active, alert and smarter in general.

A writer like John Steinbeck could capture an artificial moment in time for instance in Grapes of Wrath, when a poor family is having their house bulldozed by an acquaintance they know, for their inability to make payments. The hypocrisy that occurs between the characters is a work of art and also a warning of what is already occurring or to come. Literature is both entertaining and educational.

Females, and Any Students Up For the Challenge Should Study the Hardest Subjects 

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict that people are likely to get bored with television, and want to go back to school to stimulate their minds rather than feel used or offended by the TV. There is a good chance that these people will want to study the hardest subjects if they go back voluntarily, because we are living in a time of great inequality.

Female students in particular and other students should study the hardest subjects typically dominated historically by Caucasian males.  For example the subjects of Geology and Chemistry. Besides having in common that they are two of the hardest of the sciences they also have in common that they are two subjects that go together hand in hand to enable the oil energy industry.  There is simply no one to police scientists when they become corrupt and reject ethical behavior for the sense of power it gives them. If the industry pushes the scientist to become experts in a certain industry with high profits they attract a lot of scientists and those who do not follow the money can hardly expect to have a career.

As a result of the lack of intelligent oversight in the field of chemistry, we now have California legislators, deciding which of over 1,100 toxic chemicals used in manufacturing in California should they ban first? After a year long review, they decided to ban only 3 out of a list of 150 taken from that list of 1100. The work that they are doing is admirable but perhaps it can be done more quickly and efficiently in the future, with safer chemical alternatives used in manufacturing, if the understanding of chemistry at just the public knowledge level were a little more advanced.  

New Education: Centered on Trigonometry & Calculator Technology & Recognizing that the Social Justice is in the Math

Children in school today can take note that the business and technological geniuses of the 20th century and the 21st century were typically college drop-outs. It seems that this will continue to be the case.  Why this is so is anyone’s guess.

Math and science are important because they are the science of electricity. Electricity is the basis of our power in the future and we will need many more people of both sexes with electrical engineering level knowledge of how to design and make integrated circuits and who know how to do other electrical work. 

The work that Nikola Tesla started and never finished regarding transmitting low frequency waves across the face of the planet to actuate devices, is still able to be and in need of being discovered and implemented. NT was so fluent in his subject of electrical engineering that he could just imagine the circuits in his mind’s eye during the mental planning stages of his work without truly needing to draw the circuit to memorize the design- partly because he knew the subject of electricity the best, the Chief engineer among 10,000 and viewing the subject from a higher level with broader sight than his peers.

Many of the jobs you will be employed working as currently don’t exist yet because you have to make them.  You must learn to be very handy with your graphing calculator. The calculator is a tool that would have seemed like magic to mathematicians of the past.  With this tool you can solve the energy problems that will otherwise continue to thwart and destroy your local and national and global progress.


Everyone who is interested in electricity should try to learn how to understand and use integrals in math, which would occur at the calculus level, as they are all over the pages of electronics books!  Everyone knows lines, squares, and circles, and a curvy line might be called a wave. In math the shape of a wave is called sinusoidal and that is where the word for the trigonometric function “sine wave” comes from. In addition to Integrals people should also learn the science of radio.

Be an Individual Seller on Amazon to Learn Business Sales

Selling things on Amazon is a great way to get essential business mathematics experience on an individual seller level so that you can learn the meaning of revenue, cost and profit and how they are interrelated and work together and relative to each other. This will only be available to people who have something that is in demand.  

Close Dividing Line Between Levels of Knowledge in Society

Ignorance about technology and history is one of the dividing lines between people today as well as varying levels of mindfulness, resourcefulness, and awake ness. Use more time on the Internet to do more beneficial study or watch Do-It-Yourself type Youtube videos as educational tools.  Learn a new language! There are too many problems in the world to be only fixated on material things.

Social Justice in the Math

You must come around to realizing that the social justice is in the math. You must attempt to understand and solve the work that NT was not able to complete due to his rivals – J.P Morgan, et al.- refusing to fund him to make a technology that would undermine Morgan's stranglehold on energy in exchange for the advancement of science and quality of life for all people.

By Andrea Boggs

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