Trump fails to condemn preppy Neo-Nazi movement

by Andi Boggs | August 12th, 2017

It is strange but somehow predictable that the first black President should be followed by a repugnant white supremacist. While it seemed that Donald Trump was courting the various white supremacist groups during his campaign for President, make no mistake about it that after today he clarified any uncertainty we may have had about how truly supportive he is of these groups.

His weak tweets could only be interpreted as support for the alt-right, whose pro-white rally today led to the manslaughter of an innocent person crossing the street by an enraged white supremacist.

I didn’t vote for Trump because like many people I could not vote for a man so comfortable in his racism. Still it is disappointing to see that he was too proud to condemn the white supremacist groups specifically and was therefore supportive of them. Their pathetic need to be recognized for being white led to the death of an innocent woman.

- AB


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