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The Coming of Tan (1995) by Riley Martin

Posted: 6 August 2014
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Riley Martin's Biaviian Symbols

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Next year, 2015, will be the 20th anniversary of Riley Martin’s book The Coming of Tan which was originally published in 1995 by Historicity Productions. Later the Millennium edition (with the purplish black cover) was published by a different publisher not Historicity and contains many type-o's. Historicity Productions' original version of The Coming of Tan is the more literary copy to own because it is grammatically correct.

The Coming of Tan is a story that confirms that the ecological, and moral problems on Earth are not unknown to intelligent ET's.  The aliens that Riley Martin made contact with are called the Biaviians and they are such sentient, powerful and benevolent beings as to make humans who have met them think they are “small Gods” however the Biaviians do not describe themselves as that. Riley says humans would almost think of the Biaviians as “cute.” They are the most similar in appearance to humans compared

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to the other intelligent species on the Mothership. Riley did not mistake the aliens for angels because the people-like things about them like some wore space boots or had cute "big-heads," which made them seem less like angels and more like people of a different kind.

The Alien Tan
Above: Tan drawn by Riley Martin. Martin writes in The Coming of Tan that this is one of the aliens who took him aboard the Mothership.
Riley summarizes in his opinion why elements of the U.S. Government will not disclose information which they have on aliens because it would diminish their own power.  Ultimately the revelation will be coming from the space people themselves in a 2-part appearance which will involve a mass flyover like introduction, and then a mass airlift of some humans is one the biggest predictions which Riley Martin made. Nineteen (19) years later he is correct about a large percentage of things he predicted from accidental catastrophes involving the environment and behaviors of people in power however the 'mass airlift' seems not to have occurred and is expected to be a visible and well known occurrence when it does happen. Naturally human militaries will be embarressed by this event. 

Biaviian Symbols

Riley has drawn thousands of symbols like the circular artwork above. The symbols are said to be tickets to ride on the Mothership. In each symbol are different configurations of the same elements like 3 pyramids, 7 spheres, and the ankh, a shape like a cross with a loop at the top, and said to by hieroglyph writing experts to be an ancient Egyptian symbol for an electronic component like a radio transmitter. The symbols were downloaded into Riley's mind by some kind of alien technology which explains how he draws, colors and shades thousands of them without error and each appears almost like a computerized recreation of the symbol concept.

 Riley Martin, Howard Stern, and E-Ron,

Above: Riley Martin (left) with Howard Stern (center) and Riley's friend/ assistant E-Ron.

Sirius Satellite Radio

Riley Martin is on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 101, one of two operated by Howard Stern. His show can be heard at 7 PM eastern standard time with a Sirius satellite radio tuner and subscription to Sirius. The audience for Riley's show on Sirius and those who have read The Coming of Tan are generally 2 different groups. For the literary Riley Martin, read the book.

- Andrea Boggs



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