Animals in the news April - June 2015

Hippo that was evacuated from a flooded zoo in the European country of Georgia, walking along flooded streets.
Hippopatumus and other animals escaped from a flooded zoo in Georgia USAToday
Attorney Steven Wise from the Non Human Rights Project giving a TED talk on the theory that chimps should have rights
Pelican covered in oil from Refugio state beach pipeline oil spill in Santa Barbara county
May 20th: Pelican covered in oil from ruptured pipeline at Refugio state beach in Santa Barabara
Melting arctic sea ice caused by global warming causing walruses to move on to land in Alaska - PBS News hour
Paw Print Hearts: Rescues Animals From High Kill Shelters, Transports Them, and Finds Them Forever Homes
Judge Recognizes 2 Chimpanzees Formerly Used For Biomedical Research As Legal Persons Nonhumanrightsproject
April 12th: Air Shepherd: How Drones Are Being Used to Battle Poaching in Africa FoxNews
Drones are being used in Africa to prevent poaching of wildlife
April 3rd: Mekong River Dolphins - An extremely endangered species with a population estimated at less than 5 in Laos
Mekong River dolphins in Laos, extremely endangered.
April 3rd: Food industry and PETA push dairy farms to breed hornless cattle, end dehorning practices southeastmissourianCattle in a dairy form, on the topic of dehorning. Cows without horns genetically are called polled cattle.
April 1st: Federal Court in Hawaii rules that Navy training in the Pacific violates laws meant to protect marine mammals Earth
Federal judge in Hawaii rules that the Navy underestimated the harm caused to sealife such as sea turtles and whales when using Sonar. Ships in the ocean close to a pod of orcas in photo.