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Last updated: February 1, 2015





Locating Oil Deposits By Sound Cannon In Atlantic Ocean's Outer Continental Shelf Should Be Illegal - It Has the Potential to Maim, Injure, or Kill, Whales & other Sea Life

Posted: 26 July 2014
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Right Whale and man
Above:  Endangered Atlantic Right Whales will be injured or killed by sound cannons (LRAD's) used for "oil exploration." Some believe these acoustic devices are only superficially used as tools for finding oil deposits and are actually being used to test their power as weapons.

Dec. 2014: Police used sonic cannons in 2014 as weapons to disperse crowds in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City.

How likely is it that the stated purpose of the Long Range Acoustic Device (made in the United States with taxpayer money) is actually proven to work at the task of collecting data for oil deposits? Is there proof that it works at collecting meaningful data of the kind they say they are trying to get? It is so horrible that such an unthinkable idea of killing animals with sound waves should come to pass under the guise of creating jobs. Sound Cannon will Harm Northern Atlantic Right Whales Not one person is to blame for this but it should not be happening for many reasons.

It is more likely that they are testing the LRAD's ability to kill large marine mammals as a means of finding out how effective it will be at killing people. We are now living in a world where SWAT and military are willing to fire on American citizens and if they are not, they will be replaced by someone who is.

This decision must be reversed. This technology should be illegal not only for the intended purpose of locating oil deposits but it also should be illegal to manufacture such dangerous weapons.

Some contractors project using sonic cannon to be started on the Eastern Seaboard is make-work for oil insiders, that gives them the power of killing mammals at will as a mere consequence of their industry when it should be illegal- that will result in the death of marine mammals and will lead to establishment of an enormous storm cloud of bad karma over the eastern seaboard.

long range acoustic device or sound cannon
Above: A Sound Cannon more powerful than this one held by a Montreal police officer will be made water-proof and towed behind a boat to send powerful acoustic signals through the Atlantic ocean and will kill marine mammals in search of "oil deposits."
The jobs that will be created in this process of seeking oil deposits will not in any way compare to the debt that is created by killing marine mammals with technology that only dubiously works at its intended purpose and is 100% effective at its unintended purpose of sonic attacks on marine mammals and other sea life. This technology should have been illegal from being created, but with an unchecked black budget, are we going to see the use of many more weapons that should have been illegal from being created?

A great weapons instructors once said, “If there is a weapon out there, it will be used,” and that statement sums up the problem with making weapons that should be illegal such as the sonic cannons. The public needs to become aware of this propaganda that will be used by either party regarding job creation in the oil industry. It is not any job that America needs but meaningful jobs that do not injure, maim, torture or kill people or animals in the name of helping the economy. In weapons development they have anticipated the need to disperse crowds worldwide and with the use of the long range acoustical device they have already come up with the most effective way to maim hearing of all living things in a surrounding radius. It is possible to kill with such infra sound instruments.

- Andrea Boggs

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