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Last updated: June 21, 2015

In May of 2014 Poachers Killed  the 45-Year old Kenyan Elephant Satao, one of the Biggest Elephants in the World
Posted: 12 July 2014
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This year poachers in Kenya killed one of the biggest elephants in the world around the 30th of May. Poachers have no fear- they are even willing to kill the largest, most sensitive creature on Earth, the African elephant of the mountains of Kenya known as Satao. His tusks were so large that they touched the ground and this type of elephant is called a tusker. There will be no more elephants if these people are not stopped. This photo was taken by a member of the Tsavo Trust. Like Satao, many of these elephants are being killed inside of National forests. The poachers kill with impunity and the demand in Asia for ivory and horns gives them a motivation to keep killing. Rhino horn is reportedly ground up and snorted as a party drug in some places and other species like giraffes are also targeted by poachers.

Satao the Kenyan elephant who was killed
Photos by Tsavo Trust

Above: Satao, the largest elephant in Kenya and possibly in the world, until he was killed by poachers in May of 2014. He was one of the last jumbo sized tuskers on Earth, elephants whose tusks touch the ground.


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