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Last updated: September 9, 2016

Photo Gallery: Green Cheek Conure's at Petco


Is It Possible To End the General Sale of All Birds in Pet Stores?


Above: Tweety hanging from the top of the glass. This bird is no longer on sale at Petco and hopefully it is doing well. Above: Skittles is a very nice conure and he or she likes to play. Here it is stretching. Above: Banana is a very colorful conure. Photo taken 24 December 2013.
  Above: Banana, who has a grayish colored face with a very colorful body is on the left stretching his leg in his cage. Skittles, is perched in his cage on the right. Above: Skittles is a very active bird however their personalities are affected by languishing in the extremely oppressive living conditions.
Above: The enclosure which the birds are kept inside of at Petco in Chula Vista seems to be designed to keep customers from banging on the glass and disturbing the birds. Above: Inside of this metal box with a glass door are the birds glass cages so that the customers can see them better than through metal bars.  The lack of bars on their cages decreases the climbing surface area for the birds which means less exercise area. Above: After Mango and Tweety left the store, a single male yellow canary with some black markings was put in the bottom compartment of the birds cage. He was in here all alone for several weeks. Currently more canaries have been placed in both sides of the lower glass compartments.
By Andi Boggs
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