Whalehunting abuse in Faroe islands exposed FoxNews
Efforts to capture, save Mexico's endangered porpoise suspended abcnews
Paper mache porpoise in Mexico City
Paper mache porpoise in Mexico carried by a World Wildlife Fund worker in front of the National Palace on July 8, 2017. Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP
Vaquita porpoise dies in captivity CNN
Rescuers attempting to capture remaining vaquita porpoises in northern Mexico TheTelegraph
Photo: The Telegraph
Vaquita undersea

Future of the endangered porpoises unknown

Nov. 9, 2017 - We are grateful to the marine biologists and others who attempted to capture and save the remaining vaquita porpoises.

Four female bottlenosed dolphins from the U.S. Navy were helping the rescuers find the porpoises. The dolphins are trained to jump out of the water to alert the humans if they spot one of the endangered porpoises.


Opinion: Birds for sale at Petco
Sun conure with dark head












A whale on beach dead from unnatural causes possibly bombs or sonar in the Pacific conducted by Navy. Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simposons and PETA help rescue over 400 chinchillas from a fur farm Satao, an African tusker elephant, whose tusks reach the ground, who was kileld by poachers in Kenya in 2014. A sun conure in jail at Petco without being charged with a crime. Article on birds sold in pet stores