South African Penguins at the San Diego Zoo.

News update: 1-19-18 Efforts Continue to Save the Vaquita Porpoises in the Upper Gulf of California.
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We don't know what the future of the remaining Vaquita porpoises will be, whether they will go extinct or survive. Four female bottlenosed dolphins from the U.S. Navy were helping the rescuers find the porpoises. The dolphins are trained to jump out of the water to alert the humans if they spot one of the endangered porpoises.
Vaquita undersea

Let the Birds Fly Free!

Regarding Conures and Budgies at Petco

Sun conure with dark head
Penguins at the San Diego zoo
South African penguins at the San Diego Zoo.
A sun conure in jail at Petco without being charged with a crime. Article on birds sold in pet stores