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Last updated: August 31, 2015

Feral Hogs– San Diego County Supervisors ok Shooting Hogs From Ground or Helicopter By Authorized Personnel for $22.17 A Piece
Posted: 23 September 2014
Feral hogs
Feral hogs with babies. These animals have a hard life scavenging for food. Now San Diego County Supervisors want to initiate a program of killing them for $22.17 each. If every wild boar in San Diego's east county could be shot that would equal over $22,000 in their pension coffers!

El Cajon – in East San Diego County- Loves Hunters.
The eastern back-country of San Diego just so happens to neighbor the hunter friendly part of San Diego called El Cajon. During research for this article I found a hunting resources website teaching hunter safety, advocating personal-tailored hunts with an El Cajon phone number, probably more than one such gun lifestyle business. El Cajon is the same area where the San Diego eastern back county feral pig population is thriving, to the delight of some hunters who would love to shoot them to death with loaded guns for sport. Fish & Game says buy your tokens here – we need to replenish our pension coffers!

There are an estimated 1,000 pigs roaming the southeastern part of the County.  Most likely they were released by hunters planning to create a scenario where they can then come and shoot the hogs for male bonding activity like is done in Texas for fun. Murder, injure, maiming and torturing and killing innocent living animals which you only arbitrarily say are damaging the environment; when we all know nothing in the universe can destroy the environment more carelessly and mindlessly than man.

They pretend like it’s a problem, but really it’s a makework- problem something which delights them because now they can come to the rescue and “solve” the problem. It does not matter if they are unable to solve the problem, only that they held the power to try. And in this case, the power to solve the problem has been ok’d by the San Diego County Supervisors as injuring, maiming and killing the pigs by shooting them either from the ground or from helicopters. Since pigs are highly mobile (and nocturnal) it sounds like good practice for shooting people from helicopters.

Hunters Are Insensitive and Indifferent To Depopulation of Mammals Worldwide and Contribute Revenue to Bad Governments By Hunting in Africa The attitude of condoning hunting in San Diego spreads all the way to global extensions of hunting in Africa where elephants will be extinct in approximately 14 years due to hunting. In Africa, the West has always had a relationship based on exploitation of natural resources, and that includes hunting the exotic large wild “game” as they call the indigenous co-inhabitants of the African steppes, plain, and forests. Elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros and just about every other large creature with feelings is being eradicated to extinction by hunters. Now even people are being hunted by terrorists. But the original connection between hunting and terrorism that predates treating people like prey is the fact that terrorist organization have been known to collect millons per year in revenue from unlicensed hunting called poaching.

Fera hogs or wild boards seen at night with a camera's flash. .
Wild hogs are said to be nocturnal.

A lot of people like to frame the debate like it is animal cruelty versus animal rights but it is more than that. It is animal cruelty versus humans that are in favor of economic growth that is based in injuring torturing maiming or killing living things whether human or animal. In this case the form of economic growth is in a industry surreptitiously called Fish & Game when actually it about hunting and fishing which is about injuring maiming and torturing and killing living things.

We have a society full of supposedly grown up men who don’t seem to realize that the largest and most exotic mammals on Earth are going extinct due to revenue streams of terrorists call poaching.

They do  not realize that their allegiance to hunting and indifference to the depopulation of the wildlife in the form of poaching are related and in support of each other ideologically in not respecting animals basic unprotected right to not be slaughtered or mutilated by man. 

U.S. Theodore Roosevelt’s Outrageous Comment About the ‘Hunting Spirit’:
“The encouragement of a proper hunting spirit, a proper love of sport, instead of being incompatible with a love of nature and wild things, offers the best guaranty for their preservation.”

Thanks to President Teddy Roosevelt, (from who we derive the name for the stuffed toy bear) we have the worldwide problem of hunting in National Parks. This is where the majority of elephants are poached in Africa, inside the national parks where animals should be protected most of all not targeted.

- Andrea Boggs

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