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U.S. taxpayers hopeless investment in Afghanistan

by Andi Boggs | May 11, 2017

On May 2nd, I wrote this brief article expressing my frustration over the hopelessness of the U.S. military’s involvement in Afghanistan after seeing a segment on The Rachel Maddow Show about U.S. military spending for the war in Afghanistan. A week later the mainstream news reported that President Donald Trump is weighing sending between 3,000 and 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Is this a war or a never ending occupation with no clear goal?

It seems the more troops we send - the more powerful the Taliban gets. It turns out that the Taliban is in control of nearly half of Afghanistan, despite at least $800 billion in U.S. taxpayer money fighting them. So the message I’m deriving here is - America spends $800 billion to accomplish nothing at all and continue with the same mission? Apparently the Taliban’s power has increased in a direct relationship with number of troops the U.S. sends. Some analysts estimate that as much as $ 2 trillion U.S. dollars has been poured into the military industrial complex to fight the Taliban, and another $110 billion spent to reconstruct Afghanistan. So why is the Taliban getting stronger rather than weaker? Maybe fighting them was never really the U.S. objective there anyway and that aspect of this occupation is a forbidden and unreported topic?

And that’s just Afghanistan - what about Iraq? ISIS seems to be a much easier target than the Taliban, and yet the war in Iraq has been micromanaged by U.S. intelligence services so that one important ISIS figure after another is targeted per strike leading to reports of leaders being killed, leaders who are inevitably replaceable.

In general there is an attitude domestically in the United States of desensitization and indifference to endless wars and occupations of foreign countries. It is probably the greatest indicator of our declining spiritual health - that we don’t care that our money is poured into a black budget and the military industrial complex. It is not fashionable among my generation or the baby boomers to care about the never ending wars. How presumptuous of me to complain about never ending wars when I never even served in the military. Actually I never even considered serving these militaristic criminals, for what to get killed by friendly fire? I still think women don’t belong in combat. But at least I care unlike most people that we are casually funding long term wars! America’s reputation as a respectable country that is a force of good in the world will return when Americans stop allowing the military to take a limitless budget in which virtually all funds are unaccountable.