Girls in combat contradicts anti-war agenda

by Andrea Boggs | August 11th, 2017

In a previous article I had the audacity to state that I don’t believe women should be in combat jobs in the military. I knew sooner or later I would have to explain my position on this.
I waited for the right moment to come around to elucidate my feelings. When I watched the August 10th episode of Ron Paul’s Liberty Report featuring MISES think tank guest Lew Rockwell, I began to feel the inspiration needed to make my point for why women in the armed forces combat jobs annoys me so much.

Presently the Democratic Party, the so-called Left, has lost its anti-war solidarity which has been one of its primary features for the last 50 or more years. Our disgust of war and the military industrial complex formerly united us. We don't like the idea of war being profitable - most of us are not employed in jobs that benefit from war - and even if we were - the loss of human decency and human life on both sides would not be worth it. To make matters worse, these wars during my lifetime have been initiated by lies. In theory, we are the party that understood and sympathized with film director Oliver Stone in his Vietnam war movie Platoon, in which he dramatically portrayed what horrors are committed in war by one side against its own side - and against innocent victims.

The fact that today’s wars are imperialistic and commercial rather than defensive as well as invasions of sovereign nations to plunder their natural resources - makes it even more deplorable that individuals voluntarily sign up to fight in these stupid wars. These soldiers are not fighting to protect the lives of people they know whose existence has been threatened - the other side is! That is the position that Afghans and Iraqi’s and other foreigners find themselves in when the U.S. arrives in their country.

When the people in the countries who we invade see the U.S. soldiers wearing their helmets and gear and carrying their assault rifles - do they feel safe? Of course not. The military and its soldiers who are unwanted in the areas they patrol are a disgusting sight.

Now that I’ve established my feelings about the military, let’s get to the issue of women in combat.

First of all, I believe in free will and I do not tell other people what to do or give advice of any kind. Secondly there are elements of liberal society which feel obligated to support women in pursuing jobs traditionally done by men, even in the most extreme case of that - military combat jobs. I am proud of scientists who are women, pilots and software engineers, lawyers and mathematicians and chemical engineers who are women, because they are studying hard and succeeding. I am supportive of any woman in any job that does not put liberal culture at direct odds with anti-war culture. Their ability to skip college and voluntarily sign up to participate in the overseas killing which is the U.S. military experience is not more important than the Democratic party’s need to maintain itself as the anti-war party.

It is an honor bestowed by God that women should be biologically gifted on average, as the more moralistic and compassionate of the sexes. I don’t take it lightly that this trait should be squandered so that a pro war liberal agenda that supports women in combat can supersede the anti-war liberal agenda. The concept that should be more important to the Democratic party than equality for women in combat is the primary fact that war is terrible and should not be the basis of our economy nor the dream job of men or women.