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Banks promised more protection by Republicans
by A.B. | October 25, 2017 | SprinklerNewz.Us
Indeed it would seem that there is a desire among the members of Congress on the right to see big banks get away with bad business practices. We all know that good business practices are good for business. In the past this type of a lawsuit known as a "class action lawsuit" has resulted in billion dollar fines for big banks who were found to be mismanaging their customers accounts. Republicans would prefer for Americans to have to go through a mandatory closed door arbitration process that hides the banks cheating behavior. They want to guarantee that anybody who challenges them in court is a nobody who is unable to impose punitive damages on them.



7 Myths about the GOP Tax Bill

from [Lowrey, A. (1 December 2017) The 7 Myths of the GOP Tax Bill The Atlantic [online]]

    The Tax bill will pay for itself

    It will supercharge growth

    Cutting the corporate tax rate will cause corporations to give raises to regular workers.

    Corporations will invest more

    It will not benefit the Wealthy or Trump

    The plan is designed for the middle class!

    It will help small businesses