San Diego trolley has given illegal immigrants free rides for decades

by Andi Boggs | April 29, 2017

Only recently in the last few years has the San Diego Trolley hired security to check that people have tickets to ride the trolley. Riders don't have to pass through any turnstiles to ride the trolley, which you would normally see at a public transportation subway station, and the last stop on the Blue Line Trolley reads "Tijuana" on the front of the south bound blue line trolley. While the car doesn't cross the border into Mexico, it comes about as close as it possibly can to Mexico's doorstep. This same trolley heads back in the north direction passing through major transportation hubs where immigrants can disperse. Anyone who is "visiting" the U.S. who is not a citizen could have hopped on and taken a free ride deep into San Diego's east and north county for decades - the trolley began serving the community in 1981. We could use a little Trump era politics in this region, but unfortunately the local politicians are too liberal and politically correct to admit this region has been a free for all for illegal immigrants for over 30 years.