Yes California leader Louis Marinelli on national TV

by Andi Boggs | April 25, 2017


One afternoon two summers ago I was on my way to a city council meeting when I passed the police station and noticed a man who looked like he was running for office filming a commercial and there were vertical banners that read Marinelli for Assembly. Being interested in local politics I went over and had the pleasure of meeting Louis J. Marinelli, a man 5 years younger than me, who was running as an Independent candidate against the Democrat candidate Lorena Gonzalez for a seat on the California Assembly from the 80th Assembly district. He eventually lost the election to Gonzalez in the heavily Democratic district, however Louis Marinelli has received remarkable coverage in the mainstream media over the last year for his role as the leader of the YesCalifornia movement which is a CalExit group that supports the secession of California from the United States of America.

Tonight I turned on the TV and to my surprise saw that Rachel Maddow was talking about Louis Marinelli on her show. The topic was that he was going to shut down the YesCalifornia organization that he founded which had received widespread attention from the media and withdraw from the CalExit movement.

Podcast with Louis Marinelli on Soundcloud | September 2015