When Publishing the Truth is a Crime, What Kind of A Country Do We Live In?

by Andi Boggs | April 24, 2017

Why is Julian Assange, and his organization Wikileaks so demonized by the U.S. government for revealing the truth? Clearly the government wants to keep the truth which Wikileaks has been effective at exposing hidden like the information about the Vault 7 documents which show the CIA has the same capacity as the NSA and many secret hacking operations and personnel. It is inevitable that when no good, dirty rotten contractors make their sloppy, corrupt work accessible to too many people some of whom may disapprove with the nature of the work, the truth will be exposed. Attempts to charge Julian Assange with any crime that doesn’t apply to him or Wikileaks is the pursuit of sore losers seeking revenge for the embarrassment Wikileaks causes them. It shouldn’t be a crime to embarrass an individual, or a government agency, with the truth.

To some degree the individuals who want to punish Assange are incapable of acknowledging how sophisticated his work is. CIA Director Mike Pompeo stated last Friday “Assange has created nothing of value” - if that were true, the U.S. government would not spend millions of dollars fussing over this mega talented individual and his immensely powerful organization.

Mike Pompeo
CIA director Mike Pompeo reads a speech attacking Julian Assange on Friday, April 21, 2017.

It is important to note that the U.S. government has been tormenting Julian Assange for nearly 5 years and continues to threaten him although his work has not physically hurt anyone. If the egos of the powerful are hurt, well maybe they should be, but that is quite different from causing physical injury to anyone. Not only has Wikileaks not physically harmed anyone, it has helped vindicate people who were harmed or killed. A good example is the Collateral Damage video which was leaked to Wikileaks by Chelsea Manning. This video showed U.S. military personnel killing Iraqi photojournalists working for Reuters and Iraqi civilians from a helicopter. The journalists could be seen carrying camera equipment. Until this video was made public, the military had maintained a lie that they didn’t know anything about the journalists deaths. Chelsea Manning has consequently spent 7 years in prison for having the courage to reveal the truth about these individuals deaths.

So why did Wikileaks come into existence? Could one reason be that the mainstream media was failing to investigate or expose wrongdoing which was being revealed by whistleblowers?
Assange’s only crime is being extremely talented more so than average publishers and journalists, he is one of the most sophisticated computer and cyber security expert in the world. He knows how to remain anonymous and protect the identities of the whistleblowers who trust him with the leaked material. Like Edward Snowden, he could be living a life of luxury, working for some corrupt world government, doing the kind of work he has chosen to sacrifice his personal safety, well being, and comforts to expose!

When ignorance is enforced by a government and truth is a crime, what does that say about our nation? It’s time to stop punishing people who tell the truth and expose the truth. Peer pressure at work is what causes people to do things they know are wrong, and it is much more common than going against your own personal best interests to tell the truth. It is a western ideal to tell the truth no matter what, even when it’s unpopular and will have costly consequences, and this behavior is so rare and so beneficial to society, it is pure evil not to honor it.