Science march
Science March on Earth Day in Washington D.C. on Saturday April 22nd, 2017.

Trump’s science agenda not all wrong

by Andi Boggs | April 23, 2017

Science marchers may be pro vaccinations, which is hypocritical because vaccine research is funded by pharmaceutical companies who make billions from vaccines

A protest is good for two sided issues however when an issue is more complex than for or against, pro or con, a protest is a misleading frame for a situation. I have been a dedicated student of global warming, air pollution, and climate change for years and I understand and agree with the scientifically proven anthropomorphic model of climate change that fossil fuel emissions from vehicles and other sources is altering the climate and causing weather extremes like super fires, super tornadoes, super droughts and global warming. And in this area of science I am in agreement with the 15,000 people who marched to the Washington Monument on Saturday April 21, 2017, and the people around the world who marched in other cities for the same cause, to bring attention to Donald Trump’s terrible, backwards pro-fossil fuels, anti-climate change agenda.

To help him undue the progress the Obama administration made in regards to environmental policies, Trump hired men like Scott Pruitt, former Oklahoma attorney general who has a particular aversion to clean energy, and Rex Tillerson the former CEO of the oil company Exxon Mobil. So the perception of the public that Trump is biased in favor of dirty energy is correct, and this perception is enhanced by the fact that Trump has been very honest about approving of dirty energy such as coal, even as the United Kingdom celebrated 2 days ago on Friday its first day in over 100 years of powering their entire country without burning coal.

One area where President Trump is right about science though many scientific minded people disagree with him is in the area of vaccines and vaccine injuries. Donald Trump’s position on vaccines is unpopular with many educated people, however are those people not being hypocritical when they fail to see the similarities between the oil companies and the pharmaceutical companies? Big pharma funds research that gets vaccines approved by the FDA so they can force those vaccines on children while knowing the vaccines are useless and harmful. The situation in which a multi-billion dollar industry has used power rather than science to get their product approved is exactly the case in regards to vaccines. So while the science march is good and something to be proud of, I think there is a lot of hypocrisy when people don’t see the similarities between the oil companies and the pharmaceutical companies. While I think Trump is wrong and ignorant about climate change, in regards to the dangers of vaccines, which can be proven by science, and whisteblowers, and the existence of a vaccine injury court, I think he is totally right.

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