Live and Let Live attitude

by Andi Boggs | April 30, 2017

In the southern-most part of Southern California we are different from other American states which partly explains our CalExit movements like YesCalifornia and the California National Party. On average we are more liberal and we have more love and tolerance for diversity. In the borderlands region of Chula Vista which is situated between two world class destinations - San Diego, California and Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico many of the residents are Mexican American or have family members who are so the wall pledges by the American President - even if we agree that there should be a wall - fall somewhere between mildly insulting to deeply insulting due to our emotional human natures.

Because of our closeness to the international border, and the infusion of Mexican blood among us from intermarriage between Mexican Americans and whites and other races there has often been an attitude of love and tolerance to immigrants regardless of their legal status. This puts our live and let live mentality in direct conflict with the current American president, even if we appreciate that he is a bold and has expanded our belief in what is possible.

Tourism to Tijuana and northern Mexico from the U.S. side has declined in past decades, but according to old timers, the border line of cars to cross into Mexico on some weekends would stretch into downtown San Diego. With the rise of drug cartels and crime in Mexico the country suffers from a terrible reputation that makes the border crossing lanes traveling northbound into the U.S. about 50 times busier than the lanes traveling southbound.

Even among people who don’t speak Spanish and are not fond of living in what feels like a colony reconquest by the natives - very few of them can relate to America’s President.

In California many of us prefer to pay the price of being liberal which means being weak on border protection. Since Trump has been in office there has already been a huge drop in illegal immigration reported by the border patrol, and as ironic as it sounds, being tough on illegal immigration will totally be good for Mexico. It will force Mexico to become stronger internally. The world might love traveling to Mexico again thanks to Republicans not Democrats.