Improving my horticultural knowledge

by Andi Boggs | April 21, 2017

Tree. An entirely over used word to describe a very important part of nature. Without trees humans and animals would have very little shade during their existence on Earth. Shade from the leaves of trees, moving in the breeze with sunlight filtering through the spaces inbetween is one of the great joys of nature without which people would suffer from miserable overheating. Trees are one of the main things that make Earth so different from other planets in the solar system!

Jacaranda trees bloom lilac colored leaves in the summertime.

Knowledge about the names of trees is a sign of a higher quality of life. Only a soul of great sensitivity and appreciation for one of nature’s greatest gifts, trees, seeks out a more intelligent and descriptive word than tree to describe what is a tree. Currently I only know a few types of trees, like yucca, eucalyptus, magnolia and jacaranda.

These trees can all be found where I live in southern California, but there are so many other trees in town that I don’t know what to call besides “a tree.” So I am on a mission to learn the names of more trees.

From a quick internet search, I found some valuable information about how to view a tree for identification. Trees might be the spreading, upright, conical or weeping type. Tree bark, leaf shape, the design of the branches, are all signs that can be used to identify trees. When I looked at some trees landscaped by man in the city where I live I noticed the different shades of green.



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