Google sets good example by firing James Damore

by Andi Boggs | August 10th, 2017

Fired Google employee James Damore’s diversity memo was primarily childish and uninspiring. This is obviously a man who doesn’t have any daughters, nor probably any sisters. As Buzzfeed correctly noted: “Of course Google had to fire James Damore” Why? Because he was a human resources problem: how can he manage female colleagues if he thinks them genetically inferior or be managed by them?

However his life experiences led him to write what he believed however uinspiring. If his supporters at Google feel otherwise - maybe Google has some more firings to carry out? Contrary to his argument that the diversity push at Google has hurt Google, Google seems to be doing just fine.

There is something to be said about the new minority of whites who feel discriminated against by society: Boo hoo. What is being felt is the replacement of one form of authority with another in which whites lose their importance in the hierarchy based on their skin color which is the only biological thing to speak of. In regards to coding expertise, anyone who wishes to do it must be very dedicated and ambitious regardless of race or gender and they will be rewarded for their efforts no doubt.


Typically when people write well, their writing fills one with ecstasy because the nature of it glimpses an idealized and beautiful world by its very existence. A world where if everyone thought like the writer, there would be no war mongering, there would be no people oppressed and injustices of all kinds would be corrected. The reason Damore’s weak writing is so disappointing is because it tries to justify an unidealized world - where men dominate the company culture because they are genetically predisposed for the role.

My appreciation to Google for firing him, if for nothing more than his lacking the broad compassion to accept fast paced diverse change in the workplace, at what may be the best workplace in the world.

- AB


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