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The Life of Jesus

Written by Andrea Boggs | December 11, 2017

Share your stories, pinged my most powerful connection on LinkedIn.

It is the highest privilege to have a database scientist as brilliant as him want to read my stories. It thrills me to get messages from exciting, brilliant people. I also read his articles and learn from him. 

I walk the line like Johnny Cash. And sometimes I mess up and I have to hang from the high wire, caterpillar crawl upside down to reach the platform without falling. People want to stomp on my hands and see me fall. My own relatives have wished this for me and then taken it back. 

Men ask me if I have a kid or kids or why I am not married. I don’t have children. I find the last question to be disingenuous as if a man had become a child to ask it. To pretend like he is not blatantly shaming me. To make me cry. My most dignified answer has been: Sometimes people just aren’t ready to get married. This young man reduces me to tears. 

If I had kids would they ask me to tell them a story? What story would I tell them? They would probably want me to tell them a story all the time - in the car, on vacation, everywhere. Mommy can’t multi-task that much you guys chill out please. If they are anything like me they will think love stories ending in marriage are a farce. How old would they have to be before I could tell them the story about the planet BioTron Major from The Coming of Tan? That was a scary robot story ahead of it’s time. 

So the story I would eventually have to tell them is the one about Jesus from Nazareth as told in The Urantia Book. I would tell my kids that if they ever read The Urantia Book they should start reading in Part 4, the final part, the story of Jesus Christ.

Is it unwise to teach my children about the sure pathway to trouble that Jesus walked? Is it unwise to tell them these things that will conflict with what they learn at school and catechism? His birthday was not really December 25th it was August 21st. 

He was the eldest of 7 children and he was considered a child prodigy and a religious scholar by the men at the synagogue even as a boy. Jesus' father Joseph was a construction worker. One day Jesus asked his Father why don’t we help build the Romans stadium? His father replied: We only work on the Jewish construction sites even if means we have to be poor. His mother had blondish highlights in her hair and she was a very typical Jewish woman. She wanted her talented son to be normal and successful. She would never understand him. The heroic people among Jesus’s ancestors had all been women from his mother’s side of the family. 

One day Jesus father did not come home from work. He perished on a construction site. Jesus became the head of household at age 12 and a father to his siblings. It was considered the greatest challenge of Jesus\'\s young life by the angels watching HIM from above.

Behind the scenes in heaven Jesus was saving a world, he was thanklessly bringing the souls to a higher energy level. He got to choose which planet would be the backdrop for this manifestation and he chose the most bedeviled of them all. Earth on the outskirts of the local universe where the angels had rebelled. The angels had decided that they didn’t need to be connected to the rest of the universe and many of their tools are active on Earth until this day. He choose this planet Earth or Urantia as it is called, because it was the most challenging and dramatic backdrop for his mission, not because it was easy.
When Jesus was a marriageable age the most prettiest, wealthiest, and most nubile of all the young women was madly in love with him. Jesus was invited to her home. When her father met Jesus he told his daughter “He’s too noble for us.” This women would become one of the leaders of Jesus’s female disciples. Jesus told her that her affection for him would console him for all his days.

[My kids would know that on Sundays people didn’t go to work and they were supposed to rest like God rested on the 7th day after creating the world and for some reason the Sabbath had been ironically moved to Sunday.]

When Jesus was an adult he was a carpenter but he didn’t just make cabinets. He made special yokes for oxen that was more comfortable for the animals who plowed the fields. When it was time for Jesus to pick his disciples he picked 6 men who were all asked to pick another man. This brought them to 12 disciples.

Jesus became a problem to the Sanhedrin, the powerful Jewish religious leaders. He had rejected their offers to be one of them. They didn’t like it that he had followers and that he could be seen with people constantly even on the Sabbath. The Sanhedrin were not nice men and they wore gorgeous robes, something like what the Catholic priests wear today. Jesus was not phased by their wealth and wealth was an obstacle to being one of his followers.

Jesus destroyed all traces of his handwriting before he was killed so that people wouldn’t worship it. He called his work the sure pathway to trouble. Jesus and his followers went into hiding and had many friends and safe- houses around. Jesus would lead teaching sessions at these events.

Hopefully my kids would be asleep at this point. And I would leave out the part about Jesus treating his mom like an ordinary person when she came to see him. He had transcended the relationship between Mother and Son and this was confusing to his followers. He treated all people as lovingly as he treated his Mother, she did not receive special treatment from him.

It would be hard to tell them why the Sanhedrin crucified Jesus: the crime of healing a man on the Sabbath. I would tell them the part about the double wedding, where Jesus accidentally turned water into wine at the request of his mother, out of his love for her.