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“The greatest danger stems from the unshakeable faith of the overwhelming majority of politicians and business leaders in unlimited economic growth which, together with limitless technological innovation, is supposed to provide solutions to all the challenges of the present and the future.”

- Frederick Schmidt Bleek, The Earth


Republicans attempt to ban class action lawsuits against banks

October 25, 2017 | Andrea Boggs

Why is it that Republicans have a perverse desire to see big banks get away with bad business practices? It seems that the average Republican including the President doesn't seem to understand that good business practices are good for business. During the first year of the Trump administration we have hardly seen the Republicans come together to accomplish anything, let alone something so un-American. All Republicans in Congress this morning with the exception of two supported a massively pro-bankster vote to ban the ability of Americans wronged by banks to sue those banks as a group. In the past this type of a lawsuit known as a "class action lawsuit" has resulted in billion dollar fines for big banks who were found to be mismanaging their customers accounts. Republicans would prefer for Americans to have to go through a mandatory closed door arbitration process that hides the banks cheating behavior. They want to guarantee that anybody who challenges them in court is a nobody who is unable to impose punitive damages on them.

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Why are there no pictures of the dead bodies in the Las Vegas shooting massacre?

If you type into Google's search box "decapitated bodies" you will be presented with so many disgusting and horrifying images you will click out of the page in a heartbeat. Google clearly has no objection to showing something so grotesque as decapitated bodies, so why is it that there are no pictures of the 58 dead bodies in the Las Vegas shooting massacre?

It seems that there were no dead bodies, and Stephen Paddock may or may not be dead. There were multiple shooters and he was probably not one of them. It makes sense they would kill him since they ruined his life by blaming their drill on him. You can also do a Google search for the funerals of people who died: nothing to find.

This was a fake attack on Jesus Country just like the fake security guard's name Jesus Campos.


The Definition of Creepy ~

November 7, 2017 | Andrea Boggs

Although it is inevitable that Facebook will realize that asking people to send in nude photos to stop revenge porn is a horrendously bad idea, it is fun to imagine how things will play out before then. You can be certain that readers of SprinklerNewz.Us will never be asked to send in their nude photos, however it is my belief that many people on Facebook would gladly send in their nude photos to their great leader Mark Zuckerburg, I mean after all he has a hospital in San Francisco named after him and he's married to a doctor - the guy is medical so I guess it's okay to send him your naked pictures. My question is does Facebook realize that not all of their users are sexy? Are the non sexy users photos going to go into the image recognition trash bin?

- ab

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The black eyed rabbit - short story

Mary Rose Goes to Jail - fiction



SprinklerNewz.Us ~ Making a Future with a Future

Making a Future with a Future That is the tagline I decided on back in 2014 when first launching this website. It was inspired by a book with a seemingly simple title, The Earth. This book was written by a German chemistry professor who had a profound interest in environmental sustainability. He also defined what an "ecological rucksack" is and developed the math to help researchers determine what would be the economic rucksack of any goods or services.

He provided the mathematical principles to guide the evolution of an economically sustainable future.


All of their attempts to bad mouth me only made him love me steadfastly more