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U.S. concerned after Turkey bombs Kurdish allies in Iraq and Syria CNN
U.S. soldier inspects damage to Kurdish YPG base
U.S. soldier inspects damage to Kurdish YPG base after airstrike by Turkey. Photo: AFP
San Diego School District offers Islam lessons to combat bullying WashingtonTimes
A child reading from the Koran at home. AP file photo
Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron advance in French elections, will face off May 7 FoxNews
Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen, conservative candidate in French presidential race.
Video of largest non-nuclear bomb dropped on ISIS complex in Afghanistan KGW
Massive bomb
The GBU-43B massive ordnance air blast weapon unleashes 22,000 pounds of explosives.


Louis Marinelli
Louis Marinelli, founder of YesCalifornia. Photo: Wikipedia

Rachel Maddow
features YesCalifornia's Louis Marinelli on her show

by Andi Boggs | April 25, 2017

One afternoon two summers ago I was on my way to a Chula Vista city council meeting when I passed the police station and noticed a man standing out front speaking into a mega phone and being filmed by a cameraman while 2 other people held vertical banners that read Marinelli for Assembly. Being interested in Chula Vista politics I went over and had the pleasure of meeting Louis J. Marinelli, a man 5 years my junior who was running as an Independent against the Democrat candidate Lorena Gonzalez for the 80th district of the California Assembly. He eventually lost the election to the popular assemblywoman in the heavily Democratic district, however Louis Marinelli has recieved considerable coverage in the mainstream media over the last year for his role as the leader of the YesCalifornia movement which supports the seccession of California from the U.S.

In September of 2015, I did a podcast with Louis as a guest and he shared many insights with me. Tonight I was surprised to turn on the TV to check the news and low and behold I see a photograph of Louis Marinelli on the Rachel Maddow show! It was the first time and will maybe be the only time I have seen Rachel Maddow talk about some one I know and it was pretty cool.

Listen to the podcast I recorded with Louis Marinelli in September 2015.


Human smugglers crash after highway patrol chase CBS8
Human smugglers crash
California highway patrol and firemen on the scene after an SUV carrying illegal immigrants crashed in a ditch in Chula Vista.




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