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Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty to desertion, misbehavior before the enemy at Fort Bragg NPR
Sgt. Bergdahl is escorted into military court in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Photo: Sara D. Davis/ Getty Images.
U.S. Navy, dolphins, marine biologists, attempt to save remaining vaquita porpoises in Mexico SDUnionTribune
Vaquita porpoises




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"People like to win. Just to win, when it's not a morally justified war, what is the purpose? Do you really win?"

- Ron Paul on the Ron Paul Liberty Report ~ October 10, 2017 Youtube

Former Apprentice candidate subpoena's Trump's records TheHill
Summer Zervos
Jury convicts man in New York, New Jersey bomb plots NPR
Photo: Ahmad Khan Rahmini





Icy dirtball theory rebuked!