SprinklerNewz Journal issue #004/ vol.1

8/29/16 - Mistreatment of animals in rentals
8/28/16- Ch.8 "WWI" of Sinclair's biography *
8/27/16 - District judge denies SB277 injunction
8/26/16 - Counterpoint: argument against ban
8/25/16 - Point: Pro argument on burkini ban
8/23/16 - Climate change wreaks havoc
8/22/16- Apple's new OS X El Capitán
8/21/16 - Why I will never be an entrepreneur *
8/20/16 - World's End by Upton Sinclair *
8/19/16 - Are People Good or Bad?
8/18/16- Jonathan Gray's letters
8/17/16 - City Council Approves Vista Del Mar
8/16/16- Chapter 1 of Sinclair's biography *
8/15/16 - From Upton Sinclair's biography *
8/13/16 - Troll R&D on LinkedIn
8/12/16 - Know where local pay phones are
8/10/16 - "An Erotic Poem by Unknown"
8/7/16 - When Peter Spencer French Kissed Me*
8/6/16 - Fiscal Democracy in Nigeria - Part Two
8/5/16 - Fiscal Democracy in Nigeria - Part One
8/4/16 - Saladin and the Djinns
8/3/16 - "Drasiga"
8/2/16 - Formulas essential to math
8/1/16 - Upton Sinclair, my naïve hero

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